Trip Plan Is A Must - Create One With AdventureSmart

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Trip Plan Is A Must - Create One With AdventureSmart

If you are planning on hiking, camping, backpacking, or engaging in any other outdoor sports activity, you must create a trip plan. In case of an emergency, authorities need to know what your plan was, which routes you were planning on taking, what kind of equipment you had with you.

A trip plan gives much needed vital information to search and rescue authorities in case you find yourself in a dire situation. You should never think a trip you are taking is a short one or you will not be going to far in to the wilderness. There had been many instances where people got lost on short hiking trips very close to civilization.

Pacific North West is especially known for confusing hikers and backpackers with its many high mountains and tall trees. Temperatures can also dip down to dangerous levels at night even in summer. Especially if you are at higher elevations.

Renting your camping gear and heading into the wilderness is a great way to push the reset button but you must be prepared for the worst case scenarios. Thankfully, there is AdventureSmart with many service they offer to keep you safe and enjoy outdoors. Founded by the government of Canada, AdventureSmart is a national program dedicated to encouraging Canadians and visitors to Canada to “Get informed and go outdoors”. AdventureSmart combines online and on-site awareness with targeted outreach to try and reduce the number and severity of Search and Rescue Incidents.

You can create an online trip plan for free at which also has a number of very useful checklists such as the following: