About us

Rent Outdoors is the ultimate camping gear rental store in Canada. We offer the greatest selection of premium rental camping gear and free delivery to homes and hotels across Canada.

Rent Outdoors is formed as a result of a need experienced by many people visiting Canada. We are surrounded by unprecedented natural beauty across Canada. There are countless opportunities to go camping. But, most people do not own the required camping gear or don't want to travel with tons of luggage.

For the people visiting Canada, it is almost impossible to bring your own camping gear into Canada as it would easily exceed airline's luggage limits. Besides, who would want to haul tons of gear through international flights while you can easily have your rental camping gear shipped to your hotel?

Founders of Rent Outdoors are avid campers living in Vancouver, BC. Over the years, they realized many of their friends wanted to experience camping as well but they were reluctant to buy expensive camping gear. That is understandable. Most people living in the city do not know how many times they will use their purchased camping gear. It does not make sense to make a big investment on expensive tents, sleeping bags, coolers, chairs, stoves, lanterns, camping cook sets, etc., if you are not planning on using them almost every weekend.

Another good reason not to buy camping gear is the lack of adequate storage space in condo buildings. Most people live in small apartments. Most apartments do not have dedicated storage rooms. Even if an apartment comes with a separate storage room, the storage space is very minimal. Nobody wants to add bulky camping gear into the limited storage space. Especially if you are not planning on using them all the time.

The fear of spending over a thousand dollars on bulky camping gear that will collect dust in your cramped storage is a real problem. Founders of Rent Outdoors decided it was time to address this issue. Rent Outdoors came to exist with one goal in mind: offering a service that would enable all Canadians and visitors to experience the beautiful Canadian nature.

With Rent Outdoors, you can now choose from the greatest selection of rental camping gear, rent your camping gear for a reasonable price, and have everything delivered to your doorsteps just before your planned camping or backpacking trip. 

At the end of your trip, simply, ship it to our warehouse from wherever you are. It is that simple. With Rent Outdoors, you now have no reason not to go camping!