Frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions

What does it cost to have rental camping gear delivered to me?

Nothing. We offer free delivery across Canada. Just make sure your reserve as early as possible because it may take up to seven days for shipment to arrive.

Can I pick up my rental camping gear myself?

We only operate on a delivery and pick-up basis. The reason we can afford to offer the lowest camping gear rental fees in Canada is because we do not have a costly retail storefront. When we receive your order, we send your rental camping gear directly from our warehouse. This enables us to pass the savings to our customers.

Do you inspect camping gear before renting?

Absolutely. We inspect each and every item in between rentals. You will receive all of your camping gear in great condition. Inspections ensure your tents have all of the required components so that you do not run into trouble due to missing pieces. We also detect defects, damages, and cleanliness issues. If a damage is identified, we either fix it or replace the equipment with a new one.

Do you clean camping gear before each rental?

As part of our inspection procedures, we make sure each camping gear is in clean condition before renting to the next customer. We pay particular attention to sleeping bags and cooking equipment. Each sleeping bag is sanitized in between rentals regardless of its cleanliness state upon return. This does not mean you can return sleeping bags dirty. Sanitation does not mean we are responsible for stains and moisture removal. You should keep in mind that it is your responsibility to return all of  your rental gear in clean and re-rent-able condition. If we have to clean a particular item, we charge a cleaning fee associated with the effort required to return the item to clean condition. If there is a persistent stain that requires additional effort, you may get charged extra for the additional effort. If the returned equipment is in a condition that cannot be cleaned, we take the equipment out of our rental inventory and charge you for the full value of replacement. We strongly advise cleaning each item carefully before returning. This is especially critical for cooking equipment.

Whose responsibility it is to clean the rentals? Can I return my rental dirty?

It is the renter's responsibility to return each item in clean condition. If we find the need to clean an item after you return it, you will get charged a cleaning fee. In case of persistent stains, you will get charged extra for the additional effort. If we fail to clean a specific item, we take it out of our rental inventory and charge you for the replacement.

I have a one way camping trip coming up. Can you help me?

Absolutely. We can ship your rental camping gear to anywhere in Canada. At the end of your trip, you can ship us your rental camping gear from your final destination. We do not charge for the transit time if it is no more than 7 days. Rental period ends on the day the gear is dropped at a shipping office. We ship your rental gear package free of charge but it you are responsible for the return shipping cost. We recommend that you keep the box you receive for return shipment so that you can save on packaging materials. 

Which shipping company do I have to use in order to ship my rental gear back at the end of the rental period?

It is entirely up to you. You can use any one of convenient shipping retailers available at your final destination. Canada Post, FedEx, etc.

After shipping my rental camping gear, what do I have to do to close the rental contract? 

We only ask that you send us a shipping tracking information. Easiest way is to take a photo of the shipment confirmation and email us. As soon as we receive an inspect the returned gear, we will close your rental agreement You will receive an email confirmation from us within 24 hours.

If I have my rental camping gear shipped to me, how much would you charge for shipping?

Standard shipping which can take up to seven days is completely free.