Refundable Security Deposit Information

Rent Outdoors charges a fully refundable security deposit on all rental camping gear. The amount of refundable security deposit is calculated based on the standard rates as published below. Refundable security deposit is charged to your credit card a week before shipment - not at the time of reservation. Over 95% of the cases so far, all refundable security deposits were returned to the renters in full. We do sometimes charge for cleaning, damages, or replacement products. This will be determined based on the inspection results after your rental gear is returned back to us. It takes a week for us to inspect all returned rental camping gear. If you return your rental camping gear in clean condition and without damage, we refund the full amount of refundable security deposit to your credit card in one week after the rentals are returned. If we find the need to hold a certain portion or full amount, you will be immediately notified of our inspection results. Please refer to your rental agreement for the terms and conditions governing this process.

Simply, if you do not damage your rental camping gear and make sure to thoroughly clean everything before returning to us, you will not be charged at all. It really is that simple and it is fully up to you :)

Refundable Security Deposit Amounts:


Rental Packages for Two: $400 CAD

Rental Packages for Three: $500 CAD

Rental Packages for Four: $600 CAD